To be successful in today’s healthcare landscape, we need to be open to innovation, open to disruption, open to sharing, and open to collaboration.



OneCare is the industry leader in developing Partnered Products, these care programs are built around a single provider system or clinically integrated network. Partnered Products meet the needs of managing complex patient populations, improving care outcomes, and reducing cost of care.

As healthcare continues its transition to value-based care, Partnered Products offer new opportunities for collaboration. Partnerships may look like traditional narrow networks, but they work very differently, offering a new range of opportunities develop enhanced patient experiences, clinical and financial models.

OneCare understands that healthcare is in need of sophisticated programs, tighter relationships between payer and providers and a new approach to contracting.



OneCare has created a compelling and differentiated value network, one that aligns the strategic vision and performance expectations of every partnership. At the outset, each new partnership develops an understanding of shared goals. Along with alignment on the collective vision, prospective partners also need to reach a consensus on the performance expectations for the jointly developed partnership.



Provider and payor relationships have traditionally been maintained at arms-length. Interactions are typically limited to negotiations over contracts and reimbursement, and conflicts related to denied claims, overpayments, and conflicting incentives. The shift to value-based payment models has altered this long standing dynamic, creating opportunities for new forms of collaboration.

OneCare has developed integrated care programs that reduce health care cost, deliver effective, evidence-based, and personalized patient care.

The Most Powerful Network of its Kind

At OneCare we are harnessing the power of our unique network of leading healthcare providers to drive better outcomes. We are bridging the gaps in a fragmented care delivery system, challenging the status quo, and empowering payer-provider partnerships.  We collect actionable data from, develop programs and tools that put that knowledge to work for you.